Compact is impact

Down to 10 % of its original volume. That’s how much an Orwak solution can reduce your waste – and that’s a lot of free space being unlocked. With no time or space wasted on waste, you and your employees are free to focus on your business. There is room for more productivity, more profits and a better environment, inside and outside your facilities. When compressed into one line: Keeping it compact makes an impact.

The Best Investment You'll Make This Year

Orwak is a pioneer in compaction and baling and an innovator in North America. Since 1984, Orwak North America has brought these innovations to companies based in the US and Canada. We are in the business of helping organizations implement affordable, practical waste reduction solutions that are as good for the environment as they are for the bottom line. Orwak North America offers a wide range of choices and a team of experts that is second to none. Orwak. The Easy Way To Recycle.

What are the benefits for you?

Thank you for visiting us at WasteExpo

A big thanks to all of you who visited us at WasteExpo in Vegas! We had an amazing time at the expo and it was fantastic connecting with our partners and networking with industry professionals. WasteExpo is one of the industry’s premier events.

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Check out our latest video where President of Orwak North America, Mark Lanning, gives a tour of our national headquarters in Morrisville NC offering a glimpse of our operations and machines that are revolutionizing waste handling.

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Orwak, 50 years as global manufacturer of recycling equipment. Listen to Tomas Johansson, Managing Director of Orwak, talk about the roots, the values and all we got to offer today!

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What drives us?

Orwak North America is part of SULO Group. We're committed to a zero-accident culture and to increase our use of closed-loop resources. What brings our DNA to life? The team of 2,200 passionate individuals in the group. We're united by a focus on customer satisfaction and reducing our carbon footprint.

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We are happy to present the latest additions to the most compact vertical balers in the range! The new models 3075 & 3150 complement the other members of the COMPACT family well in size and capacity. They produce impressive bales of up to 155 respective 330 lbs and for installations in a wide variety of locations, they are single phase units. In other words, 3075 & 3150 offer substantial bales, yet compact machine design.

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This New York McDonald’s has been baling cardboard for over a decade. They simply bale the cardboard and wait for bales to be picked up for free. No other costs. No maintenance on Orwak Baler ever.

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Metlife Stadium disposes approximately 8.5 tons of garbage resulting from tailgating and another 8.5 tons from inside the stadium during game time. Orwak addressed Metlife’s two biggest labor cost challenges when managing cleanup after events.

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Five decades of innovation

Smart solutions since 1971. Watch The Orwak Story and take a time travel. Once upon a time, as all good stories begin!

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Take a tour in Orwak's factory

The Orwak balers are designed at Orwak HQ and built in the modern production facility in Sweden. Take a tour in the factory and meet the management team!

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Smart solution for Royal Kona Resort in Hawaii

The Royal Kona Resort in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii used an Orwak 3420 Power Baler to increase their recycling ROI by baling cardboard. The net result – They spent less time handling recyclables and more time getting paid for baled cardboard.

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Orwak Compactors and Balers

We are proud to present our comprehensive product portfolio of Orwak trash compactors and balers that have helped thousands of businesses from restaurants to manufacturing facilities reduce trash volume, slash costs, generate recycling revenue and enhance profitability through our compaction and baling solutions. Our reliable, quiet and sophisticated compaction systems are designed to work for you!

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