Apartment compactor

Efficient, hygienic and convenient solution to the challenge to take care of all the bagged waste in residential buildings with classic wall chutes. It compacts in bags or in a container.


TOM is about the same size as a conventional waste bin, but compacts the waste and can hold up to seven times the volume before the bag is full. The concept is ideal for highly frequented public spaces.

Orwak Compact

Strong compaction on the spot! A family of small yet effective front-loaded balers that produce light bales. Optimal where space is limited.

ORWAK 3220

3220 is a versatile baler that meets the market demand for an extra low-built machine. Great for cardboard and plastic and the low height simplifies transportation and installation.

Orwak Power

This product family features dynamic front-loaded balers with intelligent features. The balers offer strong and powerful compaction of large volumes of waste into very dense bales.

Orwak Multi

These top-loaded double-chamber balers are designed for sorting and compaction of different types of waste at source. Can be extended with additional chambers to form internal recycling points.

Orwak Flex

This product family features strong and colorful waste compactors with different qualities. The small top-loaded units include our classic in-bag and in-bin applications as well as a solution for safe compaction of hazardous waste.

Brickman briquette presses

This product family features fully automated briquette presses that rapidly turn large volumes of waste into compact briquettes. The presses can be fed while running and the briquettes require no binding.


The newest addition to the Orwak range: compact size closed-end horizontal balers in the range 40-60 ton press force and with manual bale tying.

Orwak Horizontal

Our fully automated balers provide an extensive choice of feed systems and automatic tying of the bales. The horizontal balers meet the challenge presented by centralized waste handling.


A smart option that adds value to your baler! It is a communication service enabling your baler to send a message when it needs attention and it provides unique supervising opportunities via a web portal.

Bottle breakers

Our bottle breakers reduce waste glass bottle volume by up to 80% . Crushing waste glass bottles reduces time, storage area requirements and overall costs of waste glass disposal.

BriteBin™ Solar

The BriteBin™ Solar is an award winning solar compacting litterbin. It is the perfect solution for managing general and recycling waste across towns and cities.

Product/Material Configurator

Try Orwak´s selector tool! Choose your material and view the best solutions for your needs!