Sandra Wärenhed | 2024-05-30

In the world of sustainability and waste handling, finding innovative solutions to reduce waste volume and improve recycling processes is paramount. Orwak, a leading provider of waste handling equipment, offers a revolutionary solution with its Baby Jaws and Mega Jaws bottle breakers.

Baby Jaws: The Under-the-Counter Glass Crusher

The BB01 Baby Jaws is a game-changer for establishments like bars, hotels, and restaurants looking to streamline their glass recycling efforts. This compact under-the-counter bottle breaker is designed for single-feed operation directly at the bar. It not only reduces glass bottle volume by up to 80%, but it also minimizes labor costs and storage space requirements associated with waste glass disposal.

Key Features of Baby Jaws:

  • Low-noise operation for a seamless customer experience
  • Automatic start mechanism for efficient glass bottle processing
  • Safe and simple to use, fitting conveniently under standard height bar counters
  • Directly breaks waste glass bottles at the point of production, saving time and space

Mega Jaws: The High-Volume Glass Disposal Solution

For outdoor venues, breweries, and high-traffic areas where glass recycling is a priority, the BB04 Mega Jaws bottle breaker is a powerhouse in waste management. With the ability to reduce waste glass bottle volume by up to 80% and crush up to 4000 bottles per hour, the Mega Jaws offers unmatched efficiency and cost savings.

Standout Features of Mega Jaws:

  • Durable powder coat finish for indoor and outdoor use
  • Large capacity cullet collection for extended operation
  • Significant labor cost reductions and minimized glass disposal expenses

Why Choose Orwak’s Bottle Breakers?

Orwak’s Baby Jaws and Mega Jaws bottle breakers are not just innovative machines; they represent a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in waste glass management. By investing in these solutions, businesses can:

  • Reduce glass disposal costs significantly
  • Free up valuable space used for storing empty bottles
  • Streamline waste management processes for staff
  • Contribute to environmental sustainability through glass recycling

Whether it’s the discreet operation of the Baby Jaws under the counter or the high-capacity crushing power of the Mega Jaws for outdoor settings, Orwak’s bottle breakers are tailored to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

Visit Orwak’s Bottle Breakers Page to learn more about how these innovative machines can transform your glass recycling practices and pave the way for a greener tomorrow.