Orwak compactors and balers in Morrisville…

  1. Contribute to less work-related risks in the workplace
  2. Enable distributed or central trash handling or both
  3. Increase workforce productivity
  4. Deal effectively with a wide variety of materials
  5. Reduce trash disposal costs
  6. Turn recycled material from a cost to a source of income


“We expect a truck delivery every 10 minutes every day of the year and we recycle  3000 tons of cardboard in that period of time.

It is crucial to dispose of the cardboard quickly and easily and to have fast and reliable machines on site. Our Brickman machines compact the cardboard and reduce it by about 20 times.

Inge Nilsson, Environmental Coordinator, Gekas

The efficient ORWAK MULTI 9020 double-chamber baler produces more than 1500 bales a year at a large distribution center in Hawaii. The new sorting solution resulted in a 0 % landfill award.

“The Orwak 9020 helped us comply with the ISO 14001 directions. That was a major reason for the investment. We actually got the certificate thanks to the baler!

Tony Hernandez, Operation Manager, Golden State Foods Hawaii


The Orwak multi-chamber baler sorts and compacts different types of materials in one machine. Top loading is simple and convenient. The Orwak Multi comes with two chambers, but additional chambers can easily be added to grow with your business or to create a mini-recycling station.


  • Sorting and compaction of several waste types at source
  • Top-loading of the material in open chambers
  • Total freedom to increase capacity by adding additional chambers


This product family features fully automated briquette presses that rapidly turn large volumes of waste into compact briquettes. The presses can be fed while running and the briquettes require no binding.


  • Convenient, fully automated compaction solutions
  • Impressive volume reduction of up to 20:1
  • Placement opportunities indoors thanks to the compact design and low sound emission


Compact size closed-end semi-automatics are small horizontal balers. The compaction cycles are automatic, while the bale tying is manual. They are ideal for businesses with large volumes of recyclable material when vertical balers are too labor intensive or where bulk loading is required.


  • High-capacity compaction of large waste volumes into dense bales
  • Require little space and can be placed indoors
  • Generous infeed and automated compaction
  • Generate mill-size bales for delivery to the recycling industry
  • Cost effective waste solution


Fully automated horizontal balers meet the challenges presented by centralized and large-scale waste handling. They make a difference in many businesses that generate big volumes of recyclable paper-based and plastic packaging material. The balers quickly minimize the waste material in a cost-effective way to help you improve internal logistics.


  • Effective large-scale waste handling due to the high degree of automation
  • Improved internal and external logistics
  • Safe working environment
  • Excellent control over the throughput
  • Increased income when delivering high-quality bales directly to the recycling industry