Orwak compactors and balers in Morrisville…

  1. Contribute to less work-related risks in the workplace
  2. Enable distributed or central trash handling or both
  3. Increase workforce productivity
  4. Deal effectively with a wide variety of materials
  5. Reduce trash disposal costs
  6. Turn recycled material from a cost to a source of income


“Our ambition was not only to make our internal logistics processes more efficient but also to decrease the forklift traffic in the factory.”

Christer Wallin, Quality – & Environmental Manager at Vibracoustic

“Safety is an important aspect and the baler contributes to a safer working environment”.

Kaspar Müül, Production Development Engineer at ABB GA Products

“The old prejudices, still existing in traditional manufacturing industry, that it is expensive to be environmentally friendly, is a myth.”We must see the whole picture in our production to make sure the impact on the environment is as limited as possible. Landfill is not a sustainable solution.”

Henrik Sysmäläinen, Production Engineer, Rörvikshus

“We have gained more space and order and we receive payment from selling the compacted material.”

Trevisani Massimo at FOR S.P.A.


The Orwak multi-chamber baler sorts and compacts different types of materials in one machine. Top loading is simple and convenient. The Orwak Multi comes with two chambers, but additional chambers can easily be added to grow with your business or to create a mini-recycling station.


  • Sorting and compaction of several waste types at source
  • Top-loading of the material in open chambers
  • Total freedom to increase capacity by adding additional chambers


The Orwak Power product family features dynamic front-loaded balers with an innovative  hydraulic concept providing more strength and greater durability. Orwak Power balers are also fast; ready when you are, and they come with several intelligent features to help you keep track of your compaction system and recycling including Orwak Connect – a modem-based communication service enabling the baler to send a message that it is full or if it requires maintenance.


  • Powerful compaction of large volumes of waste
  • Low-built design for easy transportation and rich placement opportunities
  • Intelligent features/communication services to keep you informed 24/7
  • Material selector and auto start are standard features


This product family features fully automated briquette presses that rapidly turn large volumes of waste into compact briquettes. The presses can be fed while running and the briquettes require no binding.


  • Convenient, fully automated compaction solutions
  • Impressive volume reduction of up to 20:1
  • Placement opportunities indoors thanks to the compact design and low sound emission


Compact size closed-end semi-automatics are small horizontal balers. The compaction cycles are automatic, while the bale tying is manual. They are ideal for businesses with large volumes of recyclable material when vertical balers are too labor intensive or where bulk loading is required.


  • High-capacity compaction of large waste volumes into dense bales
  • Require little space and can be placed indoors
  • Generous infeed and automated compaction
  • Generate mill-size bales for delivery to the recycling industry
  • Cost effective waste solution