The Top 7 Reasons Why Hotels Choose Orwak

Orwak compactors and balers lead to…

  1. Faster and more efficient waste handling
  2. Less in-house waste transportation
  3. Less waste volume 
  4. Reduced waste disposal costs
  5. A clean and inviting environment for guests and staff
  6. Effective management of different types of recycled material
  7. Recycled material as a source of income​ (versus a cost to remove)


The Royal Kona Resort in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii used an Orwak 3420 Power Baler to increase their recycling ROI by baling cardboard.

“My team simply bales the cardboard inside the facility using the Orwak 3420 cardboard baler – eliminating the cardboard dumpster cost and the need to go outside late at night. Then a recycler picks it up for free and pays us a rebate for the baled cardboard.”

Bradley Carlson Facilities Manager, Royal Kona Resort

“In addition to the cost savings, our employees can now spend more time serving customers. During our busiest times, our employees can compact waste instead of carrying it outside. We estimate that on each shift, we’ve gained back 40 minutes of time that our team would have spent moving trash and cardboard outside. It has also lead to a safer work environment for our night shift employees.”

Steve Grossman, Owner for TGI Friday Locations in Florida, Pennsylvania & NYC


The Orwak Power product family features dynamic front-loaded balers with an innovative hydraulic concept providing more strength and greater durability. Orwak Power balers are also fast; ready when you are, and they come with several intelligent features to help you keep track of your compaction system and recycling including Orwak Connect – a modem-based communication service enabling the baler to send a message that it is full or if it requires maintenance.


  • Powerful compaction of large volumes of waste
  • Low-built design for easy transportation and rich placement opportunities
  • Intelligent features/communication services to keep you informed 24/7
  • Material selector and auto start are standard features


  • Versatile compaction for many different applications
  • Hygienic and safe compaction and disposal of mixed or hazardous waste
  • Special solutions for special needs

Learn more about Orwak Flex


The Orwak Flex product family features a collection of applications to meet special needs in waste handling and compaction ­– e.g. for mixed waste in bags, hazardous waste that requires compaction in a steel drum or as a combi solution that is able to both make bales and compact waste in bags.

You can also compact general waste in your bins using our new multiple-chamber top-loading waste compactor! It is a robust and reliable machine with a compact and lightweight design. Simply “Roll in! Compact! Roll out!”

Orwak Multi

The Orwak multi-chamber baler sorts and compacts different types of materials in one machine. Top loading is simple and convenient. The Orwak Multi comes with two chambers, but additional chambers can easily be added to grow with your business or to create a mini-recycling station.


  • Sorting and compaction of several waste types at source
  • Top-loading of the material in open chambers
  • Total freedom to increase capacity by adding additional chambers