Versatile bin offers great features

  • Integrated sensor reporting real-time fill level data to the BriteBin™ Data Management platform.
  • Foot pedal operated opening which is integrated into the footprint of the BriteBin™.
  • Powered by an on-board solar panel that generates energy to operate the built-in compactor.
  • Option of having service door located on either front, rear or side.
  • A choice between rectangular or circular litter apertures.
  • Option of either a flap or hopper-style litter opening.
  •  Can be supplied with either an integrated or external ashtray.

Why BriteBin™ Solar?

  • Reduces carbon emissions.
  • Zero running costs.
  • Reduces street litter volume by up to 90%
  • Eliminates single use plastic use.
  • Creates efficiency across waste collection routes for councils and local authorities.
  •  Contactless user experience, with direct waste flow into the bin.

BriteBin™ Solar

This 63 gallon solar bin keeps streets and squares clean in your town or city.