Sandra Wärenhed | 2023-08-10

Plastic has become one of the most widely used materials worldwide. Shockingly, we purchase one million plastic bottles every minute and use up to five trillion plastic bags annually.

Beverage containers are highly recyclable and they are widely used throughout society. Mark Lanning, President of Orwak North America comments:

“We encourage and advocate for recycling of beverage containers in general but especially PET. Our machines have the ability to get close to the source of generation, so we work with container companies or manufacturing companies that produce these and we handle their rejects, but then at the back end of the cycle for recyclers, we try to provide them avenues to compact their PET at a more localized level to increase the recycling rate. We have the flexibility to make PET more recyclable friendly and the process a lot more effective at both the bottom and the high end of the spectrum to encourage plastic recycling!”

Check out our latest video on where we discuss how these PET materials can be efficiently recycled: