Sandra Wärenhed | 2021-07-24

If you have ever been to a major city, you have seen high rise buildings lining the skyline. As beautiful as the sight may be, these buildings means hundreds and thousands of tenants and residents occupying the buildings, which means tons of waste is being produced. Now what happens to all of that waste?

Almost every building has a garage room, but with those garbage rooms, comes the unsightly mounds of garbage and the oh-so-familiar aroma that makes you want to plug your nose, but what if that did not have to be the case. At Orwak, we have solutions that will help reduce and deodorize the waste produced. Let’s dive into it a bit more…

According to Pizem, the average New Yorker produces roughly four-and-a-half pounds of waste each day, which adds up quickly in a high-rise.  If we were to combine the amount of trash of all New Yorkers, we would have roughly 12,000 tons of waste a day. With much of the city as high rises, a midsize building of about 40 units will produce an average of 200 pounds of garbage a day. That means a super could be taking out 30-40 bags of trash each day….

To make things even more challenging, many of the older high-rise buildings don’t have enough space for large trash and recycling collection containers on each floor. It is also sometimes challenging to find storage space for large quantities of recyclables and cardboard produced by the tenants.

So what is solution?

Compactors and balers are an excellent waste recycling solution for high-rises.

Trash compactors are a great solution because they compress waste, thus reducing volume saving you time and money. On average, a compactor can help reduce costs and waste by 15%-50%. They are often attached to the chute system, which allows the waste to enter the compactor, be compressed, then be transported, without the volume, sight and aroma of loose trash.

A baler can also prove to be one of the best waste solutions for a high rise, especially ones that produce a lot of cardboard. For example, our customer, The Orion luxury condominium complex on West 42nd Street in New York City, found that compacting and baling cardboard boxes and plastic packaging using a multi-chamber cardboard baler was a convenient, space-saving solution.

Once The Orion began baling the building’s cardboard in the Orwak 5070 baler on a regular basis, there was no longer a need to reserve space for boxes. As a result, they saved 3,000 square feet of valuable space on the building’s ground floor. The building rented out the newly freed-up space to a green grocer, which added to the company’s revenues. In addition to newly found revenue from renting the ground floor, The Orion also gets PAID for the cardboard bales. So instead of paying to have the cardboard removed, they get paid for the cardboard bales.

Balers and compactors are an excellent, environmentally friendly solution to help reduce waste in your building. They do not make waste disappear, but by compressing it, it can save you space, time and money.

What can you do to help?

  • Rethink the impact your choices and actions may have on the health of our planet and your personal surroundings
  • Refuse single-use items that result in more waste
  • Reduce your consumption and cut down on wasteful packaging
  • Reuse what you can
  • Recycle as much as possible

Our goal for 2021 is to continue to transform how we manage waste. We want to help you and your business to continue moving forward efficiently and successfully. Let us be a part of your future and let’s make 2021 a great one. Each of our models provides different benefits so take a look at our Balers & Compactors and contact us today to discover the solution that is best for you.

Krystyna Knight