Sandra Wärenhed | 2021-04-18

Now more than ever, our society is turning to technology to conduct our day-to-day business. Whether it be a job transferred to a remote position or having to monitor a place of business from afar, technology has made this possible. Although our focus at Orwak is to help organizations implement affordable, practical waste reduction solutions that are as good for the environment, as well as the bottom line, we also aim to help businesses better understand how their Orwak products whether it be in person or from afar. With that said, Orwak is excited to announce the launch of our NEW and IMPROVED Orwak Connect 2.0 communication system linking you with your Orwak product(s). 

The Orwak Connect software is available for the: ORWAK COMPACT, POWER, MULTI 9020S and TOM, and is designed to let you know when your product is full, needs maintenance, view statistics and more.

Our 2.0 version now offers:

  • Accessibility 24/7 from any device having Internet connection
  • Unlimited use for your convenience
  • Different access levels within an organization: for example HQ (administrator) and store manager (viewer)
  • Possible translation of the portal via Chrome
  • New design and modern interface at the portal
  • Improved map features
  • Adaptive portal to smart phone browsers with an app available soon.
  • Push notifications to replace SMS notifications; included in the app.
  • Ability to select type of notification for each recipient:
    “Full bale”, “Service”, “Status”, “Error” and “Bale level”, “% of Bag Fullness”
  • The built-in-scale feature shows the current bale weight allows you to view the weight of every single bale produced by the baler in a specific period of time.​
  • Change machine parameters remotely.*
  • Get a hydraulic pressure curve remotely.* (Balers Only )
  • Uninterrupted use with immediate notifications
  • Optimal logistics based on data

What do all of the features mean for you?

You will get notified immediately when the baler or Tom needs attention, reducing downtime effectively! With the new notification features, there is also no need to check on the balers or Toms on routine, only when notified, saving time and money.  The web portal also provides a unique opportunity to monitor your fleet of balers or Toms on a day-to-day basis and the exact bale production or compaction cycles during a specific period of time. This allows you to better understand your waste needs and to plan collection routes efficiently based on the data in the portal.

The Connect Package includes:

  • The SMART modem, access to the web portal and the subscription fee for communication (per email) the first 12 months are included in the package.
  • The SIM-card is already implemented in the modem; no need to worry about local operator agreements!
  • Unlimited email communication from the baler to notification recipients free of charge.
  • An app for smart phones is soon available. Push notifications will then be included.
  • Possible to retrieve data via REST API
  • The bale statistics that are easily exportable to an Excel spread sheet.

With the launch of Orwak Connect 2.0, Orwak has taken waste management to another level.  Join our customers who are leading the way in recycling and one step ahead with understanding their waste management needs. Contact us for more information about our Balers & Compactors and let us help you to discover the solution for you with the technology to help you monitor from afar!