In the light of the COVID-19 situation, cleanliness – to uphold high standards of hygiene and reduce the risk of infection – is naturally at the center of everyone’s attention, the topic in many conversations and definitely at the top of the agenda for the management of public places.

When running a business, it is a great responsibility to prevent transmission and provide a safe environment for staff members, customers and visitors. Fortunately, there is a smart solution that can contribute to a germ-free environment. His name is TOM!

Works around the clock

TOM and TOM Junior, the low-built version, are automatic waste bins and provide a hygienic waste solution. They compact waste and work around the clock to keep the space clean in public places such as hospitals, malls, quick service establishments, public restrooms and transportation hubs.

TOM Junior_new frameTOM Junior               TOM transparent background Orwak decalTOM

Hands-free operation

The shutter has a sensor and opens automatically when approached, so disposing of the waste is a completely touch-free activity! When everything else on site comes with automatic and hands-free operation; the entrance doors, water taps, soap and towel dispensers, why not the waste bin? There must be continuity – all links of the chain must be strong – to achieve high standards of hygiene, which is more important now than ever. Imagine washing the hands with antiseptic soap, drying them with a paper towel from an automatic dispenser only to then touch the lid of the waste bin to dispose of the towel!

Keeps the waste contained

Once discarded in the open touch-free infeed, waste fractions such as napkins, paper towels, cafeteria and quick service food residues are contained in a thick plastic bag inside TOM. The shutter closes and the waste gets compacted and kept down in the bin. Unlike traditional waste bins, the next person using TOM will not be exposed to the waste. Overflowing waste bins are unfortunately a common sight and could be a serious issue today, but TOM has an overflow protection in its system, so there is no risk of waste falling out and spread on the floor, if the bag is full.

It is a hygienic solution also for the caretaker switching the bags – just tie the plastic bag and go. Furthermore, TOM reduces the number of bag switches – and thereby the caretaker’s overall exposure to waste – as TOM is about the same size as a conventional waste bin but, can hold up to seven times as much waste.

TOM features hands-free operation and keeps public places tidy, hygienic and inviting.

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